inflatable pokemon go pikachu helium parade balloons replica decoration

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parameter of inflatable pokemon go pikachu helium parade balloons replica decoration

dimension 12mL-4mW-3mH

material 0.12mm pure PVC

sponsor logo printing 3D digital printing technology (if apply)

inflatable type airtight sealed design

application of country Australia


what is inflatble pokemon go pikachu helium parade balloons replica decoration?

inflatable pikachu replica is type of helium parade balloons used for festival parades such as Marcy's Thanksgiving parades etc, filled with helium flying on the low-sky while parade peoples marching below and dragging this balloons together with ropes - flying with same pace as the parade walks. 

with its unique appearance & attractive design, standing out of crowd and calling for the attention of public - mostly cartoon fanatic lovers - likely it's the superstar during whatever kind of parades.


when the inflatable pikachu replica helium parade balloons originated?


what is the adventages of this inflatable pikachu replica helium parade balloons for festival celebration?

the most important thing is this balloon is very light in weight - it's imposible to flying such a giant replica which made in other material.

besides, it's economic in cost than employing an airplane for such a aerial decoration or festival celebration - no doubt, a cartoon image flying is better than a dull design and boring airplane flying as decoration or advertising.

it is suitable and comporable for handling by normal people - no expert required here.

even a school boy of 6 years old could drive this inflatable pikachu with ropes in hands, we don't need a pilot here for driving this flying objet - honestly.


what is the application of this inflatable pikachu replica helium balloons decoration?

mostly it is prefered by parades during the festival for example Marcy's Thanksgiving Parade, San Fermines in Spain etc.

in special some people would love to use this pikachu balloons flying on their building roof - stablely as decoration of the whole building - not kind of common as used for festival parades.

well, if its citizen are thinking their mayor or their government are stupid or useless, they could fly a huge image replica during the parade - a flying pig or fly dunkey instead. That will be most shocking news of the day in the media.


do you ship this inflatable pikachu to my country?

yes. we ship all our inflatable replicas sychoronizing the service of famous international curriers.

if there are local UPS FEDEX DHL TNT etc on your local place, we say YES.

if not, please contact us for shipping details if there would be service available on your region.


why build this inflatable pikachu replica with us?

we have 13 yrs of experience with inflatable replica, our experience could guarantee what you get what you want are perfect in statue + sturby in structure , there is no chance for air leaking with our designs which are verified with 13 years.

all inflatable replica helium balloons built from our factory - 100% guarantee covering factory defects - is aproved.

for instance if you receive our inflatable pikachu replica parede balloons, which is not suitable for use completly. triggering the guarantee policy -YOU COULD HAVE ANOTHER ONE FOR FREE.