Shipping & Return

Preparation & Shipping



1-5 pcs 1-3 days

6-10 pcs 3-5 days

11-20 pcs 5-7 days

21-30 pcs 7-10 days

31-50 pcs 10-15 days

51-100 pcs 16-20 days

Other quantity please contact us for more discount

Our clients are welcome to apply for FREE sketch as soon as the preparation date starts from the date as you confirm the skettch.



There are 4 shipping methods at your choice depending on your request.

1) Curriers - DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT.

Once your order is super urgent besides which package is small or medium in weight.

Delivery time 3-7 days (depending on your region)

adventages SUPER FAST

disadventages SUPER EXPENSIVE

2) Aerial Shipping - Airline China, Delta, Emirates, Aeroflot etc.

Once your order is super urgent as well as your package is HUGH and HEAVY in weight.

Delivery time 5-7 days 

adventages FAST

disadventage EXPENSIVE

3) Train Shipping (China - Europe Train Line)

Your package is NOT urgent and small in package as well as in weight.

Delivery time 30 - 35 days

adventages ECONOMIC

disadventage QUITE SLOW

4) Marine Shipping

Once you are ordering a bunch of banners & flags, with HUGH volume & GIANT weight.

Besides your order is NOT urgent.

Delivery time 15-35 days


disadventage SUPER SLOW


Guarantee Policy


1) Banners & Flags

Due to the customization of our flags & banners, all customized designs are without return policy.

In 2 conditions our clients are available to claim guarantee policy

First, if the printing on the flags & banner is faded or your banner & flags are stained by water or other fluid. All these errors are caused by defect of factory or neglection of factory. 

Secound, if there would be any falses on your printing such as error of LOGOs or mistake on the LOGOs. For example your LOGOs is CocaCola as we print it CocoCola which is totally our defect.

With our guarantee policy our clients do not have to PAY AGAIN for their banenrs & flags which they should deserve them correctly much earlier.


2) Hardward & Poles & Accessories

Our flag poles are with 3-5 years guaratee of usage 

Aluminum Poles 3 years

FiberGlass Poles 5 years

Our flag bases are without return & guarantee policy, as we work with banners & flags for 13 years but none of our clients have claimed a after sale service with our flag bases - due to our extrem flag bases high quality. 

We will cover the product defects if they're caused by quality & neglection of our factory.

Clients are having the rights to get new ones during the guarantee period if all our accessories are usted properly by our clients. 

(Return Policy neither is available here, instead, covered by guarantee policy) 


Guarantee & Return Policy Claim Here +86 185 757 99273